Woman Claims to Be Anthony Edwards’ Secret Baby Mama

Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards has been exposed by another woman claiming to have a secret child with him.

In a series of Instagram stories, ‘Ally D’ explained her situation, while claiming that Edwards now has three children, including Aislynn, who was born in March of this year with his girlfriend, Shannon (who also goes by the name Jeanine Robel).

“I had fell asleep yesterday back to what was supposed to have been done since I’m the crazy one,” Ally wrote. “This was in November, when I been knew he had a little girl before our son literally a month before but see how I always kept it [private]. Literally said congrats on the one on the way. So that’s three kids… I’ve been nothing but a cool mom and a cool mf I let y’all talk what y’all wanna say for months, I’m such a peaceful mf I even prayed for other children because, at the end of the day, those are my son’s siblings.”

In one of the screenshots, Edwards says how he wants to hold the baby and is ‘proud’ of Ally for keeping him a secret.

According to the woman, she would have continued to keep the baby private if Edwards hadn’t tried to involve the police.

She also shared a picture of the baby, who looks A LOT like 22-year-old Edwards.

This isn’t the first time Edwards has gotten himself into hot water with a woman.

He publicly apologised for messages he sent to a famous Instagram model that appeared to pressure her into having an abortion after he got her pregnant.

Edwards has been in a supposed to be in a committed relationship with Shannon since 2020.

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