Mom of Kyle Filipowski’s Fiancée Speaks on Grooming Allegations


The mother of Kyle Filipowski’s finacee, Caitlin Hutchison, has spoken out about the allegations her daughter groomed the college basketballer while he was in high school.

Filipowski is 20 years old, while Hutchison is seven years his senior and the pair got engaged in April.

The Duke star was expected to be selected in the first round of the 2024 Draft last week.

However, he slid to the sound round and was drafted by the Jazz as the number 32 pick, even though he was an two-time All-ACC selection and All-American in 2024.

ESPN NBA Draft expert Jonathan Givony spoke about Filipowski’s situation.

“The workouts weren’t great,” Givony said on The Lowe Post. “People tell me there were question marks about the interviews — they said he was nervous, he didn’t make shots at the pro day, what’s going on with his girlfriend? … He has an older girlfriend, she’s like 25 or 26 and people are like, ‘Ahh, this is weird’ … he doesn’t talk to his parents.”

Givony’s insight prompted Filipowski’s mother, Rebecca, to respond on X, “You are opening a two year issue… and she is 28 with an endgame three years ago to have a diamond ring on her hand when Kyle left Duke. HE WAS STILL IN HS.”

Caitlin’s mother has since addressed the allegations.

“There will be things forthcoming,” Amanda Hutchison told The Daily Mail at her home in Alabama, adding that the couple is laying low amid the ‘storm’ of accusations.

“What we’ve always said to the kids is, for everything that’s good, if you have faith at all there will be adversaries, there’s always a negative for every positive. So it’s how we weather those storms.”

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Filipowski’s brother, Daniel, also publicly aired concerns for Kyle on X, while alleging “Mormon grooming and brainwashing”.

“My brother is a victim and was unfortunately a “perfect” pawn and target for this girl’s lifelong scheme based on his human characteristics and growing potential as a high-level prospect which started taking place in 2019, exactly at the time when she began her pursuit of him,” he said on Sunday. 

In earlier posts, he that Hutchinson forced Kyle to “cut us off from his life almost two years ago. Sent us an email and everything. Basically the official ‘goodbye letter.'”

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