Ethics and Guidelines


Basketball Forever has long adopted an audience-first approach to the way we publish. We aim to create the best, most-engaging content, on the platforms where you spend most of your time, so you can easily read, view and share our content.

As a part of this, we are committed to accuracy, ethical conduct, and corrections where needed.

Below our policies on these matters are outlines. As the needs of our newsrooms and audiences change, our guidelines will adapt in kind to ensure that Basketball Forever is always deserving of our audiences’ trust.



As an outlet relied upon by millions worldwide to deliver their daily basketball news, Basketball Forever are committed to getting it right.

Basketball Forever makes every effort to ensure all content is accurate, with every online story and social media post thoroughly reviewed by the company’s editorial team prior to publication.

If an error is made, a correction will be made as soon as possible and a disclaimer will be added to the bottom of the story, explaining the correction that was made.



Advertising and Revenue Partnerships

Basketball Forever requires revenues to publish the content we produce. Forever Network Pty Ltd owns the Basketball Forever network and the businesses that enable it to operate. In no case, however, do these efforts interfere with the integrity of our editorial teams or the content they create.

Basketball Forever from time to time published branded or advertiser content. Display ads may also appear on our website and articles, and pre-roll, in-stream and mid-roll video ads within our videos on social media platforms.

All branded and sponsored content is clearly marked as “Sponsored”, “Advertiser Content”, “Presented by”, “Powered by” or “Brought to you by” a sponsor as applicable.

Some of our content contains affiliate links, which means we will receive a commission for purchases made via those links.

Advertisements do not necessarily reflect the views of Basketball Forever or our editorial teams.


While Forever Network prides itself on original content, all news sourced from elsewhere attributes credit to the original reporter.


Basketball Forever obtains news and content from a variety of sources. Some sources may not wish to be named, and we may grant them anonymity when we believe them to be credible and reliable. We make our best efforts to confirm the information provided by anonymous sources and will not include information that has not been vetted. We do not pay sources.


Where a content team member has a conflict of interest, they may be recused from a story, or the conflict of interest will be publicly disclosed on the article.


Forever Network was founded in 2015. Basketball Forever has been published since 2011. Members of the founding team continue to operate the business.

Forever Network has a number of institutional investors. Where there may be a conflict of interest, this will be publicly disclosed on the article. We are a private company, as a result, business decisions, but not news decisions, must take shareholder value in mind.