Former NBA Referee Makes Wild Claim About Chris Paul


Bill Spooner was an NBA referee for 32 years and he says that Chris Paul was the biggest asshole player he came across – worse than notorious asshole Rasheed Wallace.

Many NBA fans love Paul and he is one of the all-time great guards of the NBA, but he clearly rubs referees the wrong way.

Spooner says Paul’s ‘nice guy’ act is just a front.

“I’m going to tell you, and I know you are recording me, but I get asked all the time: ‘Who are some of the tough guys, some of the bad guys?'” Spooner told The Athletic. “And when I tell them that Chris Paul, in my 32 years in the league, was one of the biggest assholes I ever dealt with, they say, ‘Not Rasheed Wallace … or da-da-da?’ Nope. Nothing like (Paul). And they are like, ‘Oh, he seems like such a nice guy.’ And I say, ‘Yeah, he’s a great image cultivator.'”

Paul seems to have quite the issue with NBA officials as most fans would know after seeing his long-standing beef with Scott Foster.

In the 20 playoff contests CP3 has appeared in that Foster has been an official, his teams have won only three games out of 17.

But here’s the kicker, Paul is 73-56 in playoff games where Foster wasn’t officiating.

At times, Paul has briefly spoken about the hatred between him and Foster.

“It’s personal,” the Warriors guard said in November last year.

“We had a situation some years ago, and it’s personal. The league knows, everybody knows. There’s been a meeting and all that. It’s just a situation with my son.”

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This came after a game where Foster was officiating and he and Paul got into a heated argument, which resulted in CP3 getting ejected from the game.

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