LeBron James No Longer Prioritizing Playing with Bronny: Report

Bronny LeBron

LeBron James has always said that it’s his dream to play in the NBA alongside his son Bronny, but things may have changed.

But, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that his conversations with James’ agent Rich Paul made him think “that the idea of them playing together is not a priority; it’s not foremost, at least any longer, in LeBron James’ mind.”

The longtime insider went on to explain that Paul is trying to gauge if any NBA teams that are the right fit Bronny will draft him.

“Rich Paul’s goal here in the pre-draft process for Bronny James is to see if there’s the right developmental system or organization, a place that can take a young player like Bronny James, who went five months without playing after his heart episode certainly limited him in his season at USC,” Woj said on Tuesday’s edition of NBA Today. “If he does go in the draft, he very likely would spend next year in the G League.”

It’s more likely that the Lakers would trade the team’s first round pick than use it to draft Bronny so he can make history playing alongside his Dad, Woj says.

“I think what LeBron James, Bronny James and Rich Paul said was, if organically somehow they ended up together, that would be great,” Wojnarowski said. “But you look at the Lakers’ draft assets, No. 17, that’s a really important pick for the Lakers probably to use in a big trade. You’re not gonna use it on Bronny James at 17. And then they have No. 55. He could very well be gone by then.”

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There is no certainty that LeBron will still be in purple and gold next season, since he left fans wondering after the Lakers’ were eliminated from the postseason.