LeBron James Provides Updated Thoughts on Retirement


Retirement may not be imminent for LeBron James, but it might not be too far off either. All we know for sure is that it’s well and truly on his mind.

“I got a family,” James told ESPN. “I got a nine-year-old daughter. I got a son that’s in college, that’s deciding if he’s going to go to college or go pro. I got a son that’s about to be a senior in high school. I’ve missed a lot of family time and they’ve allowed me to do that and never put no pressure on me.

“That s— is important too. What more [is left]? I’ve done everything I can do. There’s nothing I haven’t accomplished in this league that I’ve wanted to accomplish. So like at some point you got to [hang it up].”

James reiterated his desire to be around family more during his post game press conference after the Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs on Monday.

But before he retires, he may get a little extra family time on the job, with The Athletic reporting the Lakers are now “very open” to drafting Bronny James this June.

In fact, the team is open to anything that will keep James in LA, according to the report, and that includes the maximum three-year, $164 million extension they can offer.

James was asked postgame if he had considered leaving the Lakers. In response, he paused and then said, “I’m not gonna answer that.”

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