Pat Beverley Addresses Ugly Incident With Pacers Fans


Milwaukee Bucks guard Patrick Beverley has spoken about throwing a ball at Pacers fans at the the end of Thursday’s Game 6 loss.

Beverley took some accountability for what happened, after he aggressively threw a ball at fans that had apparently been taunting him most of the game.

“What I did was bad, and that should have never happened,” Beverley said Tuesday on the Pat Bev Pod preview. “I have to be better, and I will be better. That should have never happened, regardless of what was said.”

Beverley threw the ball into the crowd twice after a fan yelled “Cancún on three” toward a Bucks’ huddle, NBA insider Shams Charania reported after the incident. 

But, Pat Bev went on to say that what the fans said to him was well out of line and unlike any taunt he’d heard before.

“…It was more than, “Cancun on three,”‘ Beverley said. “Let’s just say it was more than that. I’ve been called a lot of stuff in this league, I haven’t been called that one. Still inexcusable, it doesn’t matter what was said. I have to be better and I will be better.”

Pat Bev also claimed that he could have gotten “four or five fans kicked out” if he had of asked security to step in.

“Some people would say, ‘Pat, man, you should have got him kicked out, that would have never happened,’ Beverley said. “I’m not getting no fans kicked out. People who spend money to watch us play, I’m not getting them kicked out.

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“Literally, security walked up to me: ‘You wanna get that fan thrown out?’ ‘Nah, man.’ You can say anything when you’re winning.”

The fans that taunted Beverley apologized to him after the game, he said.

“Everyone who stepped out of line and said something too crazy, all of them apologized,” Beverley said. “It was just some people who just crossed the line a little bit.”