NBA World Reacts to Pat Bev’s Atrocious Behavior in Two Separate Incidents

Pat Bev

Bucks guard Pat Beverley is having himself a day.

First, he throws a ball really hard at Pacers fan in the dying minutes of the Bucks’ 120-98 Game 6 loss, that saw them eliminated from the postseason.

Beverley himself responded to the incident on social media.

But that wasn’t all. During his postgame interview he told veteran ESPN reporter Michele Roberts that she couldn’t ask him questions because she doesn’t subscribe to his podcast.

This was how the exchange went down:

Patrick Bev: “You subscribed to my pod?”

Reporter: “I do not.”

Pat Bev: “You can’t interview me then. No disrespect.”

Pat Bev: “Can you move that mic please or just get out the circle please?”

Fellow journalists and NBA fans have leap to the defense of Roberts on X.

As for the first incident alone, NBA analyst Charles Barkley is calling for Pat Bev to be suspended.

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“Oh, he hit that lady in the head. He gone. He’s gonna get suspended for that. You can’t hit no lady, ever,” Barkley said.

“Listen, I’ve done stupid stuff, and I got criticized. That’s just wrong. He’s gonna get suspended for that. And that’s gonna be a good one, too, because he didn’t do it once, he did it twice.”

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