Suns Owner Delusional About Team’s Position After Flaming Out in Playoffs


Suns owner Mat Ishbia seems to be living in some kind of fantasy world, since he thinks the Suns roster is the envy of the league.

The controversial owner took control of the team in December of 2022 and after the franchise were swept by the Timberwolves in the opening round, he tried really hard to convince everyone things are good.

“Oh, it’s extremely fixable,” Ishbia said on Wednesday. “I mean, let’s, let’s just be real, although this isn’t a cool narrative and the national media really won’t want to play it out there, but like, ask the other 29 GMs, 26 of them would trade their whole team for our whole team and our whole, and our draft picks and everything as is, like, The house is not on fire. We’re in great position. It’s not hard to fix. It’s not like we’re like, Hey, we don’t have enough talent to win a championship. We have enough talent to win a championship. Right. Did we, do we have enough continuity? We have time together. Like there’s a lot of things we can look at.”

As for the Devin Booker to New York rumors, Ishbia says Book isn’t going anywhere else. Ever.

“Devin Booker’s the face of the franchise and he’s going to be for the next 10-plus years until he retires,” the owner affirmed.

The next ten-plus years for the Suns could be rough, as they put all their eggs in one basket with Booker, Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal.

KD, Beal and Booker are all on max deals with the franchise and will make $150 million combined next season – which is more than what 15 teams have committed for their entire rosters in 2024-25.

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Durant’s contract runs through the 2026 season, Booker’s new four-year extension will take effect this offseason, while Beal is under contract through 2027 and has a no-trade clause.

Because of the team’s HUGE commitment to three players, the Suns won’t have full control of their own top pick until at least 2031.