LeBron James Explains How Erik Spoelstra Unlocked Miami in 2012

LeBron Spoelstra

LeBron James was obviously a huge part of the Miami Heat’s success, but he wants to credit coach Erik Spoelstra as well as Chris Bosh.

The league’s greatest scorer explained why he thinks coach Spo and Bosh were pivotal to Miami’s success after the team fell short in the 2011 Finals series, during a preview for his podcast, Mind the Game.

“I’m going to tell you when it all changed,” LeBron said. “Obviously, my first year there, you know, played great basketball, got all the way to the Finals, lose in the Finals. Spo is the reason why we were a better team, and our team was more assembled properly. That summer, he went to Oregon and hung out with Chip Kelly and learned the spread offense, and tried to figure out if he could translate that to basketball. I know when he came back to us, he knew that in order for us to reach our potential, I had to be f***ng ten times better than I was in that previous June Finals, but Chris Bosh had to go to the five.”

LeBron also acknowledged all the work and tough readjusting Bosh did to help win the Heat a chip.

“He had to start working on his corner three, faithfully,” James said. “Every day after practice. Corner three. Every day after practice. We’re going to post you up, and we’re going to get you your elbow catches. Offense is going to run through you at times. But in order to bring, you know, the Tyson Chandler’s out of the paint, in order to bring the Roy Hibbert’s out of the paint, in order to bring Kevin Garnett out of the paint, you got to at least be a threat.”

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LeBron, Bosh and Dwyane led the Heat to two championships in 2012 and 2013 and were one of the scariest Big Three’s in NBA history.

The trio only spent four seasons together but they sure made it count.

They went to the Finals in all four seasons and made 12 (out of 12) All-Star appearances.

Let’s not forget, LeBron also won two of his four MVPs during this time with the Miami.

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