Bogdan Bogdanovic Addresses Beef With Quin Snyder

Snyder Bogdan

Hawks players had to separate teammate Bogdan Bogdanovic and head coach Quin Snyder during Monday night’s game against the Bulls as the pair yelled in each other faces on multiple occasions.

The most egregious interaction between the pair came in the fourth quarter, after Atlanta had well and truly locked the game up.

Bogdanovic was on the sideline during a timeout and was clearly not happy about something as he threw a water bottle at the ground in frustration.

He could then be seen getting up and walking toward Snyder and started screaming right in his face and pointing to himself in the chest.

Teammates had to pull Bogdanovic away in order to de-escalate the situation.

When asked about what down after the game, both Snyder and Bogdanovic made out like it wasn’t a big deal at all.

“Bogi was terrific, was terrific,” Snyder said. “And he and I are in a great place, better than good, great, and I love how he played as well. I mean, he’s defending, which has been a point of pride for him. And you know, obviously, the night he had, he was as efficient as you can be.”

Bogdanovic explained how he thought the exchanges with his head coach were fairly normal.

“We are doing this almost every other minute or we are verbally fighting all the time, which is normal,” Bogdanovic said. “That means we both care and everyone cares.”

The Hawks came away with a 113-101 win against the Bulls to get back to within a half game of Chicago for the ninth spot in the East.

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Bogdanovic helped the Hawks to the W with his 20 points, six assists and four rebounds on 6-7 shooting from the floor.

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