Miles Bridges Addresses NBA Return Following Suspension


Charlotte forward Miles Bridges hasn’t set foot on an NBA court in 583 days and he has spoken about his return following a spate of domestic violence issues.

The 25-year-old received a 10-game suspension after sitting out the entire 22-23 season due to his no contest plea in a felony domestic violence charge.

He also allegedly violated a domestic violence protective order last month and that case is pending.

The NBA did technically suspended him for 30 games, but the league gave him credit for 20 games he served while sitting out all 82.

The Hornets player is anxious to get out on the court and feels like it’s the “first day of school” for him.

“Anxious, I would say anxious. Basketball is supposed to be my sanctuary. For me to be away from it for a year, it’s been kind of hard on myself.”

Bridges says he doesn’t know what kind of reaction he’ll receive when he returns to the Spectrum Center, but thinks he deserves another chance.

“I know a lot of people feel a [certain] way about me being back and I understand that. Like I said before, I have to gain their trust back,” Bridges said. “I’m going out there looking to play and if I can get us some more wins I feel like people’s perspective will change a little bit on me. I’m trying to get out there and help the team as much as I can.”

Charlotte released a statement about Bridges’ suspension coming to a close and touched on his eligibility to play, which will begin on Friday.

“Miles Bridges is eligible to return to our active roster on Friday after serving his NBA suspension. We are comfortable with Miles returning to play based on our current understanding of the facts of the recent allegations and remain in contact with the NBA as that matter proceeds through the court process,” the statement read.

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