Jeanie Buss Opens Up About Dating Dennis Rodman in the 90s

Jeanie Buss

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has revealed the truth about her and Dennis Rodman’s relationship when he played for the Lakers in 1999.

Buss is adamant that her and Rodman didn’t date, but opened up about the nature of their relationship.

“I did not date Dennis Rodman,” Buss said on a recent appearance on In Depth with Graham Bensinger. 

Even though Dennis himself told Vlad TV in September that he and Buss dated for six months.

Buss went on to explain that the pair did spend a lot of time together, but not for the reasons people think.

“I mean yes, in other words, when my dad [former Lakers owner Jerry Buss] brought on Dennis Rodman to the team it was kind of like, ‘Let’s make sure that we know where he is at all times,’” Buss said, likely referring to Rodman’s reputation for being a big party guy.

“So, if it’s about, ‘Hey where are you gonna be tonight? OK, we’re all going to this restaurant, or we’re going to this club, or we’re going to this beach, or we’re going to wherever Dennis is going to be.’

“You could say it was dating to say that it was making sure that I had an eye on him.”

Rodman definitely had a different view of the situation and believes that the reason Kobe Bryant and Shaq didn’t like him was because of Jeanie.

“It was hard because I knew the fact that Kobe and Shaq wouldn’t like me,” Rodman said. “I know because I saw Jerry Buss; he loved me. I used to date his daughter.

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“So I was dating his daughter at that time. We dated for six months, and I know Kobe and Shaq didn’t like me because [the] whole attention became Dennis.

“…They rarely would talk to me, even in games. I think that’s the main reason why they cut me. They went to the upper hand, and they didn’t want me anymore.”

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