Lakers Could Pursue Alex Caruso Reunion: Report


Lakers management could consider a reunion with Alex Caruso, according to a new report from NBA insider Sean Deveney.

“The rumor around the Lakers was they regretted letting him go almost immediately after it happened,” one Eastern Conference executive said in the report.

“They knew that was a mistake. He’s not the same player now, but the Lakers are worried they don’t have enough of an edge. He could be someone who helps fix that.”

Caruso left the Lakers for the Bulls on a four-year, $37 million contract in 2021. LA was reluctant to offer him quite that much money, but they could certainly use him right now.


Caruso averaged just 5.9 points per game in LA, but he was an essential part of their defence.

The Lakers are ranked 16th in defence this season, which isn’t bad, but also doesn’t compare with their third-placed defence during their championship season in 2019-2020.

Of course, it’s all well and good for the Lakers to want Caruso, but the real question will be whether Chicago is willing to trade him.

Last season the Bulls were rumored to be seeking two first-round picks for him, which was an incredibly steep asking price for a role player, albeit a very good one.

Unless Chicago lowers their price, a reunion with Caruso in LA may remain a pipedream.

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