Steph Curry Opens Up on His First Game With Chris Paul

Curry Paul

The Warriors started their season with a narrow loss to the Suns, but the game showed promising glimpses of Steph Curry and Chris Paul’s on-court chemistry.

Paul and Curry helped lead the team to a 40-point run in the third quarter, before the Dubs went down 104-108.

The NBA’s greatest three-point shooter is excited for what he, and the man they call the Point God, can produce.

“Just continue to get more comfortable, and who’s initiating where shots are going to fall or come from, sets that we can run depending on who has the ball. It’s very fluid right now,” Curry said. “It’s such a smooth transition because we both just know how to play, and there’s a lot of trust that whoever has the ball is going to try and make the right decisions.

“We’re one game, a couple of preseason games under our belt, feeling like there’s been a lot of confidence that’s been building in terms of what we’re trying to do. We’re going to obviously continue to get better, 81 more, and when Draymond gets back, there’s going to be even more to try to figure out in terms of rotations and all that. We communicate really well. We talk basketball and try to figure it out. That’s going to get us in the right position.”

Despite his large amount of turnovers during preseason, Paul kept his assist-to-turnover ratio in tact by committing just one turnover.

He also held his own while Curry was off the floor and was able to control the game in impressive fashion.

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His former Suns teammate Devin Booker credited his form to Paul, as he learnt so much from him during his time at Phoenix.

“He’s one of the best players at manipulating the game and situations, reading the game and knowing what’s going to happen before each possession,” Booker told reporters after the game. “He’s viewed the game for a very long time in a different spot. He was somebody that I could be a sponge to for a very long time and still to this day.”

Booker was a big reason the Suns came away with the win, as he finished the night with 32 points, six rebounds and eight assists on 46.1 percent shooting from the field.