Steve Kerr Responds to Chris Paul’s Erratic Game v Lakers

Kerr Paul

Chris Paul committed some uncharacteristic errors against the Lakers in preseason on Saturday, but Steve Kerr isn’t worried in the slightest.

The point god played 20 minutes and recorded six points, one rebound, four assists and five turnovers.

Paul is known for his careful ball handling and ability to control the game, which is why Steve Kerr isn’t sweating about his preseason blunders.

“He’s really soaking it all in and we’re so lucky to have him, because we need his organizational skills,” Kerr told reporters in Los Angeles after the Warriors 129-125 win. “We’ve talked a lot about cutting back our turnovers, and he’s going to help us dramatically.

“I know he had some [turnovers] tonight, but I’m not worried about that. He’s got one of the best career assist-to-turnover ratios of any point guard.”

In his debut with the Warriors, Paul also had two turnovers in 13 minutes, but again, Kerr isn’t concerned.

“It feels like he’s really trying to sort of fit into everything we do,” Kerr said. “And it’s a little different than some of the offenses he has run in the in the past few years. Obviously, we play a little faster, with a little more movement. He’s more off the ball at times. He’s just getting used to that.

“But he’s such a smart player that the fit is pretty easy.”

The 38-year-old has a 3.98 career assist-to-turnover ratio, which ranks number one on the all-time list among point guards with at least 1,000 games, according to Statmuse, which makes it easy to see why Kerr is being so laissez-faire.

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The former Suns guard knows that not everyone is as supportive as Kerr of his move to Golden State.

There is skepticism about how he fits in with Steph Curry and co. but he recently spoke candidly about it.

“I’m being serious, this seems so simple,” Paul said on Dubs Talk. “I got 19 years of experience. The game hadn’t changed unless they started shooting with something different.

“I feel like what I’ve been fortunate is this isn’t my first time changing teams. It’s not the first time I’ve heard outside noise, so every time I change teams, everyone says ‘it’s not gonna work.’”

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