Paul George Opens Up on Being Role Model For Young NBA Stars

Paul George role model

Paul George may not be the best player of his generation, but many of the next crop of young players entering the NBA says he is their GOAT.

PG-13 was once a young player himself and cemented his status as a star when he played for the Pacers in the early days.

He also got close to winning league MVP during his time with OKC for his incredible two-way ability.

The Clippers forward is now 14 seasons into his career and it’s clear he’s had a profound impact on the younger generation of players that are starting to enter the league.

Number two 2023 overall draft pick Brandon Miller declared that George is his personal favorite player, and even admitted to stealing some of his moves and putting his own twist on them.

Kiyan Anthony is the son of a future Hall of Famer Carmelo, but he said George is the best player ever.

Speaking this week ahead of the season’s start, George explained just how much it means to him to be a role model for young players like these.

“It’s a just cool moment in my career,” George said. “For someone who’s been dragged through times in the media by playoff moments or inconsistent moments… It means a lot to me. The league is super talented, right? So many guys that have elite skill sets play at a high level. They could very well all be the other guys’ favorite players, but to have a special group of kids … to have some of the top talents with me being their role model and having that inspiration, it means a lot to me.

“It means I’ve been playing the game the right way, and means I’ve been relatable… I appreciate it. It’s awesome to hear that. Just makes me want to keep going in the direction that I’ve been going.”

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PG-13 and his teammate Kawhi Leonard will have the goal of winning the 2024 title in mind, as that is something 33-year-old Paul is yet to achieve.

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