Damian Lillard Reacts to New ‘Freak Time’ Nickname With Giannis

nickname Dame Giannis

When Damian Lillard got traded to the Bucks, a new nickname for him and Giannis Antetokounmpo emerged and Dame has given a cold response to it.

Many around the league are embracing Giannis and Dame’s new shtick ‘Freak Time’, which came from combining their respective nicknames ‘The Greek Freak’ and ‘Dame Time’.

The Bucks social media pages even leant into the name on the media day as they posted pictures of the pair together in Milwaukee jerseys.

NBA fans seem to be getting around the nickname too, but Lillard has made it clear that it won’t be something he’s going to be embracing.

“I’m not invested in that at all,” Lillard told NBA insiders Chris Haynes and Marc Stein on the #ThisLeague UNCUT podcast. “Everybody’s doing all this talking, I’m just trying to play. I leave that to everybody else.”

Seemingly, Dame mustn’t be a fan of the name, because he certainly buys into his individual ‘Dame Time’ nickname.

Countless times (if you will) when he’s having a big game, he’ll iconically point to his wrist to let everyone know that it’s Dame Time.

It seems as though Lillard isn’t a fan of all the Giannis and Dame hype, but not sure what else he expected.

There is a lot of pressure on the duo to perform, but after their first game last week, Giannis has said things may take time to perfect.

“It might take a month, two months, six months, it doesn’t matter,” Giannis said after Dame’s first game as a Buck against the Lakers. “We might figure it out in the last game of the regular season. The goal is to be where we want to be when it matters the most.”

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It will be all eyes on Freak Time when they play their season opener against Philadelphia in Milwaukee.