Lakers Legend Blasts LeBron for Disrespectful Move


Once LeBron had finished his preseason stint against the Warriors on Friday, he decided to change into some street clothes and eat some food on the bench.

NBA fans found it quite amusing, but Lakers legend Michael Cooper saw it differently.

“I didn’t like that,” Cooper said on the latest episode of the Showtime with Coop podcast. “Again, he’s LeBron James, but still, you’ve got to have respect for the game, man. He’s over there — I don’t mind the guy eating, but go eat in the locker room, and then when you come out, you come out and be part of the team, not just sit on the end of the bench eating.”

A lot of the NBA fans on X were supportive of the move, unlike Cooper.

“Let him eat, he been cooking for decades,” one fan wrote.

While another user said, “I love him man. He dont care one bit. 4 rings, worth over a billion and living the good life”.

And of course, it was a golden opportunity for a LePun.

Users commented, LeSnack, LeMunch, LeHungry etc etc.

Considering it was a preseason game and his stomach may have been rumbling, LeBron probably thought it was okay to do.

James likely also has a pretty strict regime when it comes to eating and exercising, so he probably didn’t want to disturb that and also wanted to watch his teammates.

Just the league’s all-time scorer trying to keep his calories up, nothing to see here!

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For an old head like Cooper though, the move would be very foreign.

The now 67-year-old played 12 seasons for the Lakers and won five championships for the purple and gold during the ’80s.

There’s no way anyone back then would have been tucking into some food on the bench.

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