NBA Insider Provides Update On Latest James Harden Trade Rumors

Harden Trade

James Harden is still hoping to be traded to his preferred destination the Clippers, by all reports.

He skipped media day and Day One of Sixers training camp, but has since showed up and trained with the team.

The 10-time All-Star didn’t participate in Philly’s preseason loss against Boston on Sunday, though.

ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski said on Monday that the Clippers want to get a deal done sooner rather than later, but warned that an agreement is far from being reached.

“They’ve offered Philly more than anybody else has — a first-round pick, a pick swap, expiring contracts,” Wojnarowski said on NBA Today. “What the Clippers are trying to do right now is essentially say to Daryl Morey: ‘OK, you don’t believe that our 2028 unprotected first has enough value.’ They’re going around to other teams and seeing if that ’28 pick and/or a pick swap gets them maybe multiple picks.

“If you’re a team that’s interested in this conversation, teams that have lots of picks, could say ‘OK, we’ll give you two protected picks for that chance in 2028 that you’re really bad.’ Daryl Morey’s looking at the Clippers and saying Steve Ballmer has never been under .500, they will figure out a way to have ac ompetitive team, that may not be a great pick.

“For the Clippers right now, it’s we’re not trying to offer you more, we’re not giving you that 2030 first-round pick, but let’s see what we can turn that 2028 pick, see if we can flip it and then see if there’s something that more interests Daryl Morey.

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“That being said, there’s no traction. They’re not close to anything.”

Let’s not forget, Harden is dealing with a Sixers president who allowed the Ben Simmons saga to drag on for months.

President Daryl Morey has said that if the team doesn’t get the right pieces in return then a trade won’t go ahead. Simple as that.

Harden can throw a tantrum and not participate, but that will only need to an eye-watering amount of fines from the league.

This situation and the drama surrounding it seems to be far from over, so stay tuned.

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