ESPN’s Malika Andrews Files for Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

Order ESPN

Multiple ESPN talents have been allegedly been threatened and harassed by a New Jersey man and a temporary restraining order against him has now been granted.

ESPN sought the order on behalf of Andrews against a 41-year-old man named Ahmed Abubakar, who ESPN claim has developed a disturbing obsession with the NBA Today host and reporter.

The order protects First Take hosts Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim – who have also been receiving disturbing messages from Abubakar, documents obtained by TMZ reveal.

The order protects another ESPN employee, Dave McMenamin – Andrews’ fiancé.

The man was arrested last month in Connecticut for showing up uninvited to Qerim’s home.

Andrews also noted that traveled to ESPN’s Los Angeles facility to try and harass the ESPN talents.

TMZ provided screenshots of disturbing messages that Abubakar allegedly sent Andrews on Instagram.

The man accused Andrews of getting him arrested and the content of the messages is very unhinged.

“You lied to police you b*tch saying you never met me,” the screenshotted message read.

“I hope endometriosis destroys all your genital organs so that you never get a man, and you sickening obsession with money. My lawyer is going to sue you and make sure you send me 5000 dollars.

“I am gonna have to prove extortion against you. you scammed me like a thief for 5000 dollars you gold digging seeking b*itch and w*ore. You keep secrets from me, you lie to me on few instances, and you broke numerous promises by asking me for money. you are f*cked up off camera.”

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Andrews asked a judge to order Abubakar to stay at least 100 yards away from her, Smith, McMenamin and Qerim and a mere hours after the filing, the order was granted.

There will be a hearing on the matter in court later this month.

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