Kawhi Leonard Fires Back at Load Management Criticisms

Kawhi Leonard

The topic of load management this summer has been rife, following the new rules the league introduced and Kawhi Leonard isn’t happy about it.

The Clippers star was asked if he feels an obligation to play every game at media day on Monday.

Kawhi took the opportunity to call out the NBA for the new rules, following rumors he has deliberately sat out games in the past.

“No, I mean, I’m not a guy that’s sitting down cause I’m doing load management,” Leonard said. “When I was with the Raptors, it was different. I was coming from an injury. You have to know the details… If the league is seeing or trying to mock what I did with the Raptors, then they should stop because I was injured that whole year. But other than that if I’m able to play, I’ll play basketball. I workout every day in the summertime to play the game, not to sit and watch people play. No league policy is helping me to play more games.”

Leonard clearly isn’t happy about the narrative being spun about him and wants to clear the air.

“I’m not trying to get to a certain amount of games,” Leonard said. “I’m trying to play the games that I can play. If I’m hurt, I can’t play basketball. The last two years have been unfortunate for me. I got hurt, tore my ACL, then at the end of the year tore my meniscus. It’s just basketball. I’m a two-way player, play hard, so injuries are going to come up. I’m not out there just walking around. I play both ends of the floor. I see the best players on both ends every night. Either I’m guarding the best player or the best player is guarding me. Whatever happens with that, if injury comes, that’s what happens. I’m in the NBA.”

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New resting policy rules will make it more difficult for star players to sit out during nationally televised games and in-season tournament games.

It will also make it more difficult for two star players to sit out at the same time.

Kawhi and his teammate Paul George spent some time together on the sidelines last season due to injury.

If a player is truly injured, the league certainly can’t force them to play.

Let’s hope we see more of a healthy Kawhi and PG-13 out on the court this season.