Shaun Livingston Explains Key to CP3’s Success at Golden State

Many Warriors fans are waiting with bated breath to see how the Chris Paul trade will pan out and one former NBA player that’s more than qualified to speak on it is Shaun Livingston.

Livingston was a point guard for the Warriors himself after they signed him in the summer of 2014.

Not unlike Paul, he came with a risky injury history but Golden State took a chance on him to provide backup offense behind Steph Curry,

As it turns out, it was a great decision by the Dubs and during Livingston’s five seasons with the franchise, they appeared in five straight NBA Finals and won three championships out of it.

Having differing playing styles clearly works and with the new Curry-Paul combo, Livingston thinks it will be an asset.

“When you go back and look at our teams that were able to win on the road – and I’m talking about win on the road, which you have to do in the playoffs – you’ve got to be able to get stops. Period.” Shaun Livingston told NBC Sports Bay Area. “But you also need a little bit of diversity in your offense. Our teams had that. Of course, we had it with (Kevin Durant). But even with the teams before he came, we had other ways of scoring.

“Chris [Paul] brings that. He brings another playmaker and someone who is trusted in the moments that matter the most.”

Another combination that will be super important for Golden State’s success is that of Paul and Draymond Green’s.

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Green hasn’t had the best histories with some of his teammates and can be quite a toxic teammate at times, so Livingston believes his and Paul’s relationship and interactions will be paramount.

“The key is Draymond and CP being able to coexist,” Livingston says. “Both are dominant personalities. Both are leaders in their way. Both are very prideful players with big egos. They’ve exceeded their potential and expectations. Can they coexist in one locker room?”

Draymond has openly admitted in the past that he’s not CP3’s biggest fan, so hopefully they can put their differences aside and chase a championship before their time is up.