Draymond’s Past Comments on CP3 Brought to Light

If Draymond Green strikes up a new deal with the Warriors he will be playing with Chris Paul, who Green has publicly said in the past that he doesn’t like.

NBA Twitter can never let the past rest and since Paul’s trade to the Warriors was announced, an old video of Draymond blasting Paul for his dirty on-court tactics on Steph Curry has been circulating.

“I don’t like CP [Paul] at all,” Green said on All the Smoke in 2020. “Like we don’t have a good relationship at all. But I respect his hustle and I respect his IQ, he’s smart as hell. CP was kind of using, like CP saw Steph [Curry] coming up. You know, once you start getting older in this league, you start to realize like, ‘Okay, this guy is coming, eventually he may catch me because I’m going to start declining at some point.’ So I would kinda see CP starting to keep Steph at bay, but f*cking giving him a stiff arm at the same time. You know, Steph is Steph. Like we all love Steph but.. he ain’t got the street part to ’em.. me coming from where I come from where I grew up I’m watching like ‘Yo, he kinda rock with you, Steph. But he kinda don’t. He kinda keeping you at bay.’ I took it upon myself to try and create division there.”

Draymond hasn’t commented on any of the new developments at the Warriors, obviously because he is a free agent after he opted out of his contract.

By the end of this week, free agency kicks into gear so we will be able to see if Green does remain in the Bay.

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The most recent reports suggest he will be open to the idea of participating in free agent meetings with other teams this offseason, B/R’s Chris Haynes says.

But the Dubs are definitely interested in getting him back for the upcoming season, by all reports.

As for Paul, he seems excited to be joining Golden State as said he is keen to work alongside Steph, Klay Green and the gang.

So maybe CP3 already knows that a new Warriors deal for Green is a sure thing.