KD Gets Honest on Draymond Green Moment That Ended Warriors’ Dynasty

With Kevin Durant in their lineup, the Warriors were practically unstoppable except for the moment Draymond Green took matters into his own hands.

KD has opened up about that infamous moment in a regular season game against the Clippers in 2018 which led to a shouting match between him and Green on the bench.

Green had possession of the ball in the dying seconds of the game with the scores tied at 106 and despite having KD and Klay Thompson to pass to, Green didn’t pass to either of them to shoot the winning shot and ended up turning the ball over.

“The play happened,” Durant said on Showtime Basketball in 2020. “I was going to grab the rebound he came and grabbed it I’m thinking he going to just toss it to me and run up court and I’m going to shoot the shot and we all figured that that would happen and then when I didn’t I was kind of shocked. And then I was just like ‘Oh Dray, like, let me me see that, you know what I’m saying? Like what you doing?’

“Then he turned it over and I’m just so confused at that point because he never ever did nothing like that before. Everybody on the bench was confused, too. … He started going off. … For him to say that type of sh*t to me, it just threw me for a loop. I just started isolating myself after that cause I didn’t feel like nobody really talked about it. It was just swept under the rug. And to me, it was just like, ‘We can move past it but let’s all talk about it cause that’s a huge moment in this whole dynasty.’”

Although KD didn’t directly say it, this incident with Dray (among others) seems to have been the catalyst to him leaving the Bay as it clearly had a huge impact on his mindset going forward.

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Draymond’s issues with his teammates have been well-documented and his fractured relationship with Jordan Poole ultimately ended with Poole being traded this offseason.

Just last week, it was reported that Green doesn’t even have a relationship with rising Warriors star Jonathan Kuminga, per Monty Poole.

Green also doesn’t have a good relationship with incoming veteran guard Chris Paul and has even flat out said in the past that he doesn’t like him.

Is Green the most toxic teammate in the NBA?

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