Chris Paul Reacts to Being Traded to the Warriors

NBA veteran Chris Paul looks to be at his final destination after being traded to the Warriors in a deal that sees Jordan Poole head to Washington.

“Golden State will not waive Chris Paul and is looking forward to partnering with the star to make a championship run,” Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes reports.

Paul has spoken out about the trade but kept his cards close to his chest.

“Excited,” Paul said of joining the Warriors. “I’m really excited.”

The 12-time All-Star did mention that he has answered the same questions plenty of times already, so that may be why his answer was so short.

Paul has spoken to Warriors leader Steph Curry and confirmed the chat “was good”.

The interviewer braved one last question with the 38-year-old, by asking what Paul thinks his role will be, to which he responded, “to help us win games”.

Can’t tell if Paul is just sick of the same questions or just not that stoked to be headed to Golden State?

Either way, if the Warriors re-sign Draymond Green, having Green, Paul and Curry on the floor will be an exciting prospect for Warriors fans.

Trading Poole away definitely suggests that the team are looking to sort out a new deal with free agent Draymond.

As soon as he is back from enjoying his Euro summer with his buddy LeBron. 

The Dubs may even have the space to retain Klay Thompson, so adding Klay into the mix with three other storied veterans will be elite.

Veterans at Golden State sure know how to win championships.

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Paul has a $30 million expiring contract compared to Poole’s $140 million over the next four years as Poole signed an extension before the start of last season.

Poole will get the starting shooting guard spot at the Wizards since Beal has gone and be part of the newly-formed backcourt for a franchise with fresh front office staff looking to rebuild and who are clearly not afraid to make big changes.