The Best James Harden Roasts After He Was Exposed By Rule Change 

Guarding James Harden has historically been hell due to his unparalleled ability to bait defenders into fouls.

But with the NBA adding a new rule this season aimed at players who make “abnormal movements” to draw fouls that result in free throws, referees have been empowered to swallow their whistles when Harden gets up to his old tricks.

It has been a tough adjustment for the Nets star. He averaged 11.8 free throws per game during his last full season in Houston, and is managing just three per game now. His scoring has dropped from 24.6 points per game a year ago to 16.6 this season.

All this has been much to the delight of those who have long felt Harden’s sneaky tactics were not in the spirit of the sport and made games hard to watch. That much has been made clear by the almighty roasting Harden has received on Twitter.

Take a look at the best reactions below:

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