New NBA Rules To End Foul Calls on Non-Basketball Moves

Trae Young and James Harden are going to have to go back to the drawing board after the NBA announced rule changes to prevent “non-basketball moves” from drawing foul calls.

The NBA listed several examples of non-basketball moves that offensive players have incorporated over the past few years that will no longer result in a foul called.

Those moves include:

Overt, non-basketball moves used by offensive players to initiate contact with defenders will include when:

– The shooter launches or leans into a defender at an abnormal angle

– The offensive player abruptly veers off his path (sideways or backwards) into a defender

Moves by offensive players that would meet this criteria will also include when:

– The shooter kicks his leg (up or to the side) at an abnormal angle

– The offensive player’s off-arm hooks the defender (often in the process of attempting a shot in a non-basketball manner)

The NBA gave specific video references for when a foul should and should not be called in situations of contact between the offensive and defensive player.

Play has come under scrutiny the past few seasons as offensive players are seen undercutting or throwing their legs into defensive players to get a foul called.

The NBA plans to begin monitoring non-basketball moves while shooting during the summer league games and then into the 2021-22 regular season.

Stars such as Young of the Atlanta Hawks, Harden of the Brooklyn Nets, the Golden State Warriors Steph Curry, and Luka Doncic with the Dallas Mavericks will know to be under watch as the league looks to cut down on this pay.

Young led the league for guards drawing fouls at 6.8 per game, followed by Damian Lillard at 6.3, Collin Sexton at 5.6, Luka Doncic and De’Aaron Fox at 5.5, and Bradley Beal at 5.4.

NBA Summer League runs August 8 – August 17 in Las Vegas.