Scott Brooks: ‘We All Deserve Better’ After Fan Runs On Court

After another incident of fans gone wild in the NBA, Wizards’ coach Scott Brooks spoke for many when he said, “We all deserve better.”

On a night when the Washington Wizards managed to thwart a Philly sweep taking Game 4 122-114, reporters asked the head coach his thoughts after security chased down a fan who ran on the court with 3:40 left in the third quarter.

“That was a great tackle. I don’t know if the football club needs it, but that was a great; I mean, I love that,” said Brooks. “Sometimes, I wish we could set screens like that.”

After Trae Young was spat on in New York, a fan dumped popcorn on Westbrook in Philly, a water bottle was thrown at Kyrie Irving in Boston, and fans were tossed out for directing abusive language at Ja Morant’s family during a game in Utah, teams can only wonder what may come next.

“It’s unacceptable,” said Brooks. “They got to get something on their record, and they got to get exposed, and they have to pay money out of their own pocket.”

“There’s great fans in Boston, in New York, in Philly, in DC and Utah, but there’s some that need to, just, you know what, stay home. You’re thinking is barbaric. Stay home. We don’t need you; we don’t need your dollars. Stay home.”

So far, no player has been injured.

“I give these guys a lot of credit because they protect the fans and the players,” said Brooks. “But they have no fear,” Brooks said of the offending fans.”That was a long answer, but I’m tired of it. We all deserve better.”

“We love to be heckled,” the coach added. “Russell, he loves to be heckled. But there’s crossing the line.”

The Wizards head back to Philadelphia for Game 5 Wednesday night.