Rich Paul Defends Zach LaVine as Trade Rumors Get Nasty


Zach LaVine’s agent Rich Paul has leapt to his defense after reports of a strained relationship between him and Bulls franchise surfaced.

There has been a rumored split between LaVine and Chicago for multiple offseasons now.

The Bulls are reportedly taking calls from any franchise to try and get rid of LaVine’s massive, five-year, $215 million dollar contract he signed after the 2021-22 season.

LaVine’s agent, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports, has heard the rumors and isn’t happy about how his client is being portrayed.

“I want to make this clean and clear: This whole idea that Zach has been anything but professional in this situation is false,” Paul said by phone on Thursday. “This guy has played hurt. He has represented the franchise with class. A lot has taken place during his time with the Bulls and he’s taken the high road every time. “Does every player get frustrated at times? Yes. But Zach has been the ultimate professional and deserves better.

“The Bulls have business to do. And we’re letting them handle their business.”

Paul’s comments after Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times said that the relationship between LaVine and the Bulls was broken.

“LaVine and his representation at Klutch Sports feel like they were misled on possible trade destinations, and the Bulls thought LaVine ‘opting’ for season-ending right foot surgery when rehab on the injury was still on the table was a counterpunch thrown below the belt,” Cowley wrote.

The insider also says that if the Bulls don’t manage to trade LaVine, it would be a nightmare for the front office.

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“While there is a scenario in which LaVine is not moved and returns to the Bulls, he would do so to a locker room that would welcome him back, but a front office and ownership group that consider it the worst-case scenario,” Cowley said.

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