Draymond Green Rips Knicks & Stephen A. Smith Actually Agrees With Him


Draymond Green thinks that the Mikal Bridges to the Knicks trade will be a failed one, and could even force the team into another rebuild.

“I just don’t think that group is good enough to beat Boston. Ultimately you’re building a team that you hope can beat Boston. And I don’t think that team is going to beat Boston,” Green said on The Draymond Green Show. “So you got a year or two like the Houston Rockets. I don’t know if y’all remember the Rockets when we [the Warriors] were on our run. … You got two years and it’s oops, that didn’t work. Clint Capela is gone. The first domino falls. And then once the first domino falls, that’s it. It’s gone from there. That’s what I think is going to happen. That’s how I see it playing out. If it don’t work, that’s exactly how it will play out. So you heard it here first.”

Green wasn’t done.

“The Knicks are in a space where they’re going for it, and I respect it, I think you got to go for it at some point,” Green added. “But what just happened with the trade was that you know if this doesn’t work in two to three years, the Knicks will be rebuilding again because they traded all their picks away, and then they’ll be trying to trade those guys, get picks back and that’s kind of how it all plays out.

“I’m sorry to the Knicks fans but that’s how I actually think it’s going to play out and I don’t think it’s any indictment to Mikal who I think is like a top-tier player in the NBA like you know you got tiers, but damn good player. Jalen Brunson, who is All-NBA, Julius [Randle] who has been All-NBA. Donte [DiVincenzo], nothing but love for Donte, OG [Anunoby], who’s a champion. It’s actually no indictment on any of those guys like — I just don’t think that group is good enough to beat Boston.”

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Surprisingly, one of the Knicks’ biggest fans, Stephen A. Smith begrudgingly agreed with Green’s take.

“He’s right,” Smith conceded on First Take. He explained that teams like Boston and the new-look 76ers stand in the Knicks way.

Mind you, only a month ago, SAS and other Knicks fans were furious at Green for saying that the New York fluked their way into the playoffs.