Draymond Green Roasted For Knicks Playoffs Take

Knicks Green Draymond

Draymond Green’s take on the Knicks’ playoff run being a ‘fluke’ is being roasted by a Knicks celebrity fan and a former NBA player.

Recently, Green said that Knicks fans were delusional for thinking their team is a legitimate championship contender.

NY had a 121-91 blowout Game 5 win over the Pacers on Tuesday and Knicks superfan and comedian Tracy Morgan had some words for Draymond as he appeared on Inside the NBA. 

“Let me tell you something, Draymond,” Morgan told Green. “I love you like cooked food, I love you like the fat kid loves cake. Don’t talk crap about my team. This is New York City, this is the home of King Kong. This is where he died. The Warriors is from there, OK? This is how we get down. This is New York City. Period. Don’t talk crap about my team Draymond. I love you. Peace.”

Green explained his take on the Knicks and why he thinks it stills makes sense.

“Why do Knicks fans think I had the Knicks though? I told the truth about the team,” Green said. “And the truth about the team was, it’s a fluke … I said this team, they’re winning right now and I think it’s a setup like the Atlanta Hawks in 2021.

“And if you remember back to maybe 2016-2017 the Portland Trail Blazers paid all of those guys because they had that one good year and then they got jammed up. And I think this New York Knicks team could be a setup to get jammed up. And now everybody mad at me like I hate the Knicks.”

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Separately, former Clippers star Lou Williams also called out Draymond for what he thinks to be a cold take.

“[Draymond] tripping. He tripping. I mean, you can’t call them a fluke,” Williams said on Run it Back. “If anything, they’ve been consistent. These guys have faced adversity. They’ve been consistent like I just mentioned. They haven’t made any excuses for themselves. They’ve dealt with injuries… And they just keep trucking on and they win big game after big game. All games they’re supposed to win, they’re there, and they’re winning in big-time fashion.”

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