Shaq Had Some Very Confusing On-Air Advice For Jaylen Brown


Shaquille O’Neal attempted to give some advice to Jaylen Brown after the Celtics’ 105-98 Game 2 win over the Mavs on Sunday, but it backfired.

Brown sat down for a postgame interview with the NBA TV crew and Shaq took his moment to give the C’s shooting guard some frankly confusing advice.

“I’m going to give you some G-14 classification information because this is going to be the last time you see me,” O’Neal told Brown. “It’s a riddle. Do not get fixated on useless titles. Do what you gotta do. It doesn’t matter who’s who or they say who’s what. It ain’t time for all that right now. Do what you gotta do and get it done.”

Brown told Shaq, “I understand. Yes sir,”

But Brown was then asked if he understood what Shaq meant and answered, ‘No”, with a laugh.

Thankfully, Shaq went on to clarify himself as viewers and Brown himself had been left scratching their heads

“OK, well, let me break it down,” O’Neal said. “They’re trying to separate you and your guy by saying who’s better. I’m saying, don’t worry about useless titles. ‘Who’s the man?’ Don’t matter who the man is. Kobe’s the man. Shaq’s the man. Don’t matter. I’m getting my 40. Kobe’s getting his 39. Let’s go win these championships. That’s what that meant.”

For the record, neither Tatum or Brown have been super impressive to start the series. Both have been struggling to connect their shots.

Tatum is averaging 17 points, ten rebounds and 8.5 assists on 4-14 shooting from three and 12-38 shooting from the field in two games.

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Meanwhile, Brown is averaging 21.5 points, five rebounds and 4.5 assists 3-11 from three 15-27 shooting from the field in two games against Dallas.

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