Charles Barkley Roasts TNT Over the Fate of NBA

Barkley TNT

It’s widely known that Warner Brothers Discovery/TNT could lose the rights to the NBA and Charles Barkley has blasted TNT over it.

The Suns legend hasn’t been shy in voicing his displeasure about the whole situation.

Last week, Barkley publicly called out Warner Brothers Discovery CEO / President David Zaslav, who said a couple of months ago that TNT didn’t need the NBA.

He affirmed that he didn’t get reprimanded by anyone from WBD for his comments.

“Number one, they’re not gonna call me,” Barkley said on SI Media With Jimmy Traina. “They know better.

“Secondly, he never should’ve said that. Plain and simple. I think this is our third negotiations and we’ve always signed during the exclusive window. It’s never come up for bidding. Clearly [commissioner] Adam [Silver] is upset. I’m assuming he’s upset. Something is going on, to be honest with you, because if we have the right to match, it would be a simple–‘yeah, we’re gonna match’ or ‘we’re not gonna match.’ That’s the thing that’s got us disturbed the most.”


The Inside the NBA analyst went on to explain how frustrated he is by the lack of information about the  negotiations between WBD and the NBA.

“They’ve done a really sh*tty job of keeping us abreast,” said Barkley. “Just say, ‘Hey, guys, we’re in the middle of negotiations. It’s 50-50.’ Just say something. We have not discussed it. And I don’t mean for me. The people who work there. They’re the ones on pins and needles. Just say something to let the people be able to breathe a little bit. I can’t imagine having a family and bills. Realistically, you probably gotta start looking for another job. You’re not gonna wait a year and get fired.”

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