Knicks Players Reveal True Feelings on Tom Thibodeau After Game 7 Loss


Some have been left questioning the methods of Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau after a brutal Game 7 loss, but he seems to has the full support of the team’s star players.

The 66-year-old has helped New York to the postseason in three of the four seasons he’s been with the franchise.

Sunday’s loss means that Thibodeau has now finished his fourth season in the five-year deal he signed in 2020.

The 12-year NBA coach says he’s keen to ink a contract extension over the summer.

“That’s something that my agent will take care of (but) the Knicks have been great to me,” Thibodeau said. “This is where I want to be.”

The Knicks star player Jalen Brunson, who was unable to finish Game 7 due to a fractured hand, wants Thibs to stick around as well.

“I think Thibs has the same mindset we do as a team. Thibs is the reason why we have that mindset,” Bruson said. “Thibs is the reason why night in and night out, we fight to the best of our abilities, even though things may not be in our favor, result-wise. He makes sure that we have that mindset night in and night out.

“So I think he’s evolved by just (pause), he sees everything that everyone says. I think when it comes to us, we don’t really care what the people on the outside think of us. We don’t care what people say, positive or negative. We go forward with what we believe is the best course of action inside this building inside the organization and so on.

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“I think the way that he has evolved is that his players in that locker room have his back no matter what.”

Josh Hart, who played 37 minutes in Game 7 despite an abdominal strain, shared similar thoughts to Brunson.

“He’s been coach of the year, got this team to the playoffs, got this team to the second round, and you know, barring injuries, could have went further. So I think you’re seeing the foundation that he’s built. We know getting to be a championship team is not flipping a switch and one season you just get there. We know you’ve got to continue to build, and that’s something that he’s done, something he built the foundation for, and it gives this city and this franchise hope moving forward.”

However, with the way the Knicks’ injury toll hurt them in the end, some NBA fans are openly questioning Thibs’ extreme methods.

The coach is renowned for giving his players long minutes, even if its to their (and the team’s) detriment.

Pretty much the whole of NY’s starting lineup was injured by the end of Game 7.


But the best player on the team backs him.

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