Donte DiVincenzo Blasts Pacers ‘Tough Guy’ Act After Blowout Win


The Knicks are just one win away from advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals and Donte DiVincenzo had a lot to say about the Pacers following a chippy Game 5.

The Pacers were totally outmatched at Madison Square Garden, reflected in the 121-91 scoreline.

The Knicks outpaced Indiana 53-29 on the boards and on the offensive glass (20-5).

Frustrations became evident when DiVincenzo and Indiana’s Myles Turner got into it in the third quarter and their scuffle had to be broken up.

“They were trying to be tough guys. And that’s not their identity, and there’s nothing more to that,” DiVincenzo said (via SNY). “I don’t agree with trying to walk up on somebody. … Nobody is going to fight in the NBA. So take the foul, keep it moving. You’re not a tough guy. Just keep it moving.”

The NY guard went on to admit that the ‘tough guy’ tactic Indiana implemented in Game 4 worked, but explained that his team knew what was coming in Tuesday’s Game 5.

“They were talking, trying to be physical, basically trying to be our brand, our identity, and they were successful with it last game,” DiVincenzo said of what was different from Game 4 to Game 5. “We regrouped, watched film, and just understood that’s not who we are. We came out tonight and that’s exactly who we are.”

The last time New York featured in the Conference Finals was in the 1999-2000 season, going down to current opponents, Indiana.

DiVincenzo says his team’s fight isn’t over yet, with Game 6 going back to Indiana.

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“They are going to come with the physicality in the next game,” DiVincenzo explained. “Just be ourselves for the full 48 minutes. When we do that, rebound and defend we can beat anybody.”

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