Kevin Durant Accused of Being Major ‘Problem’ Behind The Scenes in Phoenix

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is disgruntled wherever he goes and this is already causing problems in Phoenix. That’s according to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

Smith broke down the situation on Monday’s episode of First Take.

“It is a problem,” he said. “We don’t see it ’cause the stats are there. Him and (Devin) Booker average 27 points a game and what have you, but they say Kevin Durant is never happy. They say he went more than a month without even talking to the head coach (Frank Vogel). They say he doesn’t look happy there.

“All he wants to do is play when the game starts and tip-off time arrives, but when it comes to ingratiating yourself with your teammates and getting along with everybody and stuff like that, he just lives in his own world.”

Smith made it clear that Durant hadn’t done anything to create an actively negative environment, but he also stressed that KD’s general disgruntled nature and unwillingness to be part of a culture was exactly what played out right before he departed Golden State.

“Which is what was driving Draymond Green crazy, which is why he ultimately got into it on the court in that Clippers game and what have you,” Smith said. “You hear stuff, you hear stuff, you hear about the level of unhappiness, etc, etc.

“And you get tired of it because when you don’t want to talk and you don’t want to answer questions, you don’t want to lead in a very visible way, that forces other people to have to step up and take on a level of culpability that they don’t want to stomach.”

Only those behind closed doors can know without a shadow of a doubt what goes on. But what we do know for sure is that the Suns lacked a sense of togetherness this season, especially during their short-lived and hugely disappointing postseason appearance.

Phoenix was swept out of the playoffs in the first round by Minnesota, with the elimination game occurring on their home court.

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