Kevin Durant on What Drives Him to Keep Playing at 35 Years Old


At 35 years old and with 16 seasons under his belt, Kevin Durant is still one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA, so how does he do it?

“I just love this game,” Durant told Bleacher Report in an exclusive interview. “I love the challenges, the obstacles that come with it. I enjoy the process.”

For Phoenix this season, Durant is averaging 27.9 points per night, putting him in the top five in points per game.

Against defending NBA Champions the Nuggets on Tuesday, Durant showed out with a 35 points, eight rebounds and five assists to help his team to a 117-107 OT win.

He’s done his best to carry the Suns since he arrived there, in the hopes of winning his first championship since he left the Warriors.

Despite the ups and downs of being one of the best NBA players in his generation, KD has never lost the love for the game.

“I just enjoy getting up every day to do this sh*t,” Durant told B/R. “There are going to be days where it’s a struggle, and there have been great days. I could be doing a lot of other s–t with my life. I’m talented at this sh*t, and I enjoy being talented. I enjoy the camaraderie and the brotherhood that comes with this game. It’s that simple.”

Durant will always have people questioning his ability and motives, simply because of the teams he’s decided to play for throughout his career.

But guess what? He doesn’t give two hoots what anyone thinks.

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“I understand people are always going to question what I do, but if you’re not in the building with me watching how I prepare for this game, I don’t really care about your opinion,” Durant said. “My focus is on who I’m working with and who’s in the building. I can’t concern myself with what people say or think. I know people need s–t to talk about. I know what I bring to the game, and I’m going to keep working towards getting better and helping my team win games. All that other sh*t doesn’t matter.”

The Suns are 36-26 on the season and will be firmly in the playoffs conversation, even more so once Devin Booker returns from an ankle injury.

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