JJ Redick Teases LeBron James for Complaining About Refs’ Treatment of Lakers

JJ Redick

JJ Redick isn’t afraid to hold LeBron James accountable. That much was clear on the latest episode of ‘Mind The Game’ when James started placing some blame on the officials while speaking about the Lakers’ first-round series against Nuggets.

James said that in the playoffs, players are usually allowed to be more physical than in the regular season. He added that this wasn’t the case during the Lakers’ series against the Nuggets.

Redick then quickly interjected, “Says the guy whose team had the greatest free throw disparity in NBA history the last two seasons.”

Both of them laughed before continuing their conversation.

Clearly, James and Redick have a close enough relationship that they can tease each other like this. James would not have started a podcast with Redick in the first place if he didn’t like and respect him.

In fact, there’s so much respect between the two of them that this has led to speculation that Redick could become the next coach of the Lakers.

This stems from the belief that James has a lot of sway in the decision-making at the Lakers, as well as reports that Redick had attracted interest from another team in their head coaching hunt, namely the Charlotte Hornets.

The Hornets have since hired Celtics assistant Charles Lee, but the Redick report thrust his name into the conversation around head coach candidates heading into next season.

It remains to be seen if Redick will enter the coaching ranks, and how this would affect his podcast with James.

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