Jamal Murray Addresses Dangerous Heat Pack Incident From Game 2


Nuggets guard Jamal Murray has addressed the incident where he threw a heat pack and a towel onto the court during the team’s Game 2 loss.

Murray was clearly frustrated with Denver’s 106-80 blowout loss when he threw a towel and heat pack onto the court “in the direction of a game official during live play”.

The NBA announced on Tuesday Murray was fined $100k for his actions, but no suspension was handed down.

He also made a ‘money’ hand gesture towards the officials in the second quarter.

The guard addressed the incident briefly on Wednesday when asked whether he had expected a fine and what he thought of his punishment.

“Nah, I mean it is what it is and I take everything in full responsibility, so on to the next,” Murray said. “Yeah, on to the next. I mean, two days ago, not much for me to say about it right now.”

Minnesota coach Chris Finch reacted to Murray’s punishment on Wednesday on The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

“I didn’t expect the suspension and I’m fine with that,” Finch said. “I don’t think the league wanted to decide anything based on players not playing and I’m fine with that. The monetary piece, you know, it is what it is.”

The head coach also shared similar thoughts to what he did after the game, which was, “I didn’t actually see it happen. And the way it was explained to me, the referees didn’t see it, either. So they’re not able to issue a technical unless they see it … It’s inexcusable and dangerous. I’m sure it was just a mistake and an oversight. I’m sure there was nothing intentional by the officiating at all. But certainly can’t allow that to happen.”

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