Draymond Green Rips Rudy Gobert For Missing Game 2

Gobert Green

After changing his tune on Rudy Gobert recently, Draymond has gone straight back to criticizing him this week.

Gobert was announced as Defensive Player of the Year on Tuesday – his fourth time receiving the award, which ties him for the league record.

But, Green took issue with Gobert missing Game 2 against the Timberwolves so he could be present for the birth of his first child.

“I was a little skeptical [of the Timberwolves] starting the game off because Rudy was going to miss the game,” Green said on The Draymond Green Show on Tuesday. “I just felt like, I’m a father of four, I love my kids and I love my wife, but she’s going to have to hold off for me just a few more hours for a playoff game. Me, personally.

“But number one, congratulations to him. Anytime we bring new life into this world, it’s a special thing. And that’s something like I said, as a father of four, that I don’t take for granted at all. But I also try to not take this game for granted.”

Green went on to ponder whether Gobert would have still made the same decision if the T-Wolves were down one after the first game.

“So when I heard Rudy wasn’t going to play, I was like, ‘Wow,’ ” Green said. “To me, it almost felt as if you were almost cashing it in, like, ‘We won Game 1,’ because my first immediate question was if they lost Game 1, would the approach be the same?

“If you lost Game 1 and you’re in jeopardy of going down 0-2, would it be the same or would you be there?”

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But that didn’t matter, because Minnesota absolutely embarrassed Denver on their own home court in Game 2 with the craziest lockup defense.