NBA Best Bets (4/2/24)


Another day of NBA betting has arrived, and we’re here to provide you with our top picks for Tuesday’s NBA basketball matchups. Our Basketball Forever betting bot has run thousands of simulations on each game today, selecting our top bets for Tuesday, April 2 2024.

1. SPURS +15.5 (-108)

Odds: -108
Probability: 57.2%
Edge: 5.3%
Game: Spurs vs Nuggets (9PM EST)

Our Basketball Forever betting bot has uncovered the best bet of the day, taking place in the Spurs vs Nuggets matchup. In this matchup, our model has determined that Spurs +15.5 is a solid wager to place in tonight’s NBA slate. Tonights game will be the third game against each other as opponents this season, and the Spurs were able to cover this number in each matchup. The Nuggets have Jokic, Murray and Gordon all listed as GTD, and our model believes that the Spurs should be able to cover the spread, and possibly even sneak a win if Denver decide to give their best players some rest tonight.

Our Basketball Forever betting bot recommends placing a wager on Spurs +15.5 through Fanduel Sportsbook. With -108 odds and a 5.3% edge.

2. JAZZ +11.5 (-105)

Odds: -105
Probability: 56.3%
Edge: 5.1%
Game: Cavaliers vs Jazz (9PM EST)

Our Model has determined one of the best NBA bets for Thursday’s NBA game slate, setting its sights on the matchup between the Cavaliers vs Jazz. Our Basketball forever betting bot has pinpointed Jazz +11.5 as the prime bet to take in tonight’s game. In the first game they played against each other the Cavaliers were able to win, but the Jazz were able to cover the spread only losing by 8 points total. With the Cavaliers having Porter, Okoro, and Wade listed as out, we can expect to see the Jazz try and exploit these openings. Our Basketball Forever betting bot predicts that with the injuries to the Cavs, the Jazz will be able to cover the spread.

The Basketball Forever betting bot recommends placing a wager on Jazz +11.5, at -105 odds and a 5.1% edge currently on BetMGM Sportsbook.


Odds: -112
Probability: 57%
Edge: 4.2%
Game: Mavericks vs Warriors (10PM EST)

Another best bet our Basketball Forever betting bot has uncovered takes us to San Francisco where the Mavericks and Warriors get ready to face off. Tonight’s game marks the third time these teams go head-to-head this season. Although the Mavericks have won both of the past two games, our model suspects tonight will go a different way, with a supremely hungry Warriors team playing must-win April basketball.

Our basketball Forever betting bot recommends placing a small sprinkle on Warriors Moneyline with a 4.2% edge and -112 odds through Draftkings Sportsbook.

4. WIZARDS +13.0 (-108)

Odds: -108
Probability: 55.4%
Edge: 3.5%
Game: Bucks vs Wizards (7PM EST)

Lastly, we’re looking at the Bucks vs Wizards. In this matchup, our Basketball Forever betting bot has its eyes on Wizards +13.0, coming in at -108 odds. In the last two head-to-head matchups the Bucks were able to take care off the Wizards, but in their most recent matchup, Washington pushed them to the brink, only losing by three points. Our model suspects tonight will go similarly, as the Bucks are suffering from a number of injuries, namely with Damian Lillard being absent. The Wizards should have plenty of opportunity to cover the spread.

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Our model recommends placing a wager sprinkle on Wizards +13.0 with -108 odds on. We have found a 3.5% edge on this particular wager through Fanduel Sportbook.


What Is an Edge in NBA Betting?

An edge occurs when the prediction model projects the probability of an event to be higher than the best odds available with the U.S Sportsbooks. Essentially, it means that the Dimers/Basketball Forever NBA model projects that a bet has a better chance of cashing than the sportsbooks do. That’s why the higher the edge, the better for you.

Although an edge does not guarantee a win, consistently taking picks with a higher betting edge can increase your chances of being a profitable bettor in the long run. This is an essential aspect of successful sports betting.


Responsible Gambling

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