LeBron James Makes Major Claim About Steph Curry’s Influence on the NBA


LeBron James is one of the most qualified people to comment on the impact Steph Curry has had on the NBA and on the first episode of his new podcast he sure gave Steph his flowers.

The NBA is an ever-changing beast and James and his co-host JJ Redick on Mind the Game spoke about how no NBA lead is ever safe now, due to Curry’s incredible ability.

“You can’t do that anymore. You know why? Because I believe in ’08-’09 or whenever that little light-skinned f–ker came into the league that’s in Golden State,” James said. “He changed that whole narrative. He single-handily changed the ‘no lead is safe.’ It’s like [Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes] right now.”

Being the humble guy that he is, James went on to credit Curry and Allen Iverson and the two most influential NBA he’s watched during his 21 year career.

“When it comes to influence since I’ve been watching the game, the most influence on the game — obviously we know what [Michael Jordan] did for the game — Steph and Allen Iverson are the two biggest influential guys in our game since I’ve been watching and covering it,” James said.

“Allen Iverson and Steph, they were just so relatable and kids felt like they could be them. They were guys that were not always counted on, they were small in stature and they just defied the odds.”

Of course, James is no slouch himself and holds the title as the NBA’s greatest ever scorer – which was only his most recent achievement. He holds a host of other accolades and has broken records that no other player in the future will be able to touch.

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As for James and Curry, the pair continue to have entertaining battles on the court into their late 30s and the game will never be the same once they ride off into the sunset.

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