Draymond Gets Salty On Camera Over LeBron Podcast Situation


Draymond Green appears to be less than thrilled with LeBron James not following through on invitations to appear on The Draymond Green Show.

In fact, James even got around to starting his own podcast with JJ Redick before he accepted Green’s invite.

Draymond addressed this on the most recent episode of his show:

“I must say, I am a little upset that LeBron James is going on the podcast and he still hasn’t been on The Draymond Green Show,” he said.

“When it’s your own thing, you kind of can’t say anything, so I guess I’ll live with it for now. Pick the bone with him that I got to pick with him later.”

It’s unclear how much Green is joking about this, but it does seem at least part of him is genuinely annoyed, having made no secret of how much of a LeBron fan he is.

Green has also made multiple appearances on James’ show The Shop, so it’s hard not to wonder if he is feeling a little hard done by.

There might be nothing in this. But then again, it would be classic Draymond to get petty over something like this.

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