Draymond Green Says Famous Trash Talk to Paul Pierce Was Validated After Kobe Bryant’s Death


Draymond Green delivered one of the most savage pieces of trash talk of recent memory when he roasted Paul Pierce during the home stretch of The Truth’s career.

“Chasing that farewell tour,” Draymond said at the time. “They don’t love you like that… You thought you was Kobe?”

All these years later, Green says his comments have been validated.

“It really pissed me off because I’m like, ‘Now you got me off my square,’” Green said of Pierce’s trash-talking on the Club 520 Podcast. “‘You got me jumping at a Blake Griffin pump fake.’ And, I’m just like, ‘Bro, shut up. You ain’t like that. You chasing this farewell tour, and you ain’t like that.’

“The reality is, you don’t get a nickname like ‘The Truth’ if you not nice. So, Paul Pierce is nice. However, with Kobe passing away, that statement, it did not age like spoiled milk. Because, we saw the magnitude of Kob’ once he passed. The world stopped. And so, when you look back on that statement, it was the truth.”

It’s safe to say that Green’s brutal remark resonated with a lot of people, likely in part because Pierce was never liked much outside of Boston.

Whether that’s because he went off in a wheelchair during the Finals, or because of his various comments as a member of the media, or a little bit of everything, Pierce has become a bit of a punching bag in recent years.

So when Draymond went in for the kill, and praised the beloved Kobe Bryant in the process, everyone piled on.

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