Shaq Recalls Wild Locker Room Fight Story From Heat Days

Shaq Miami

Shaquille O’Neal recently recalled a hilariously story from his days with the Miami Heat, where things got a little heated (if you will) between him and teammate Dorell Wright.

“You got to understand that when I’m on a team, I’m the president, I am the emperor, so when you’re a rookie, do what the [expletive] I say, man, or I got to show you how to get down like this was around the time you could really put hands on people,”Shaq said on The Big Podcast with Shaq.

“So I told him (Dorell Wright) to do something he didn’t do, and like he’s also similar to me because he’s a jokester, he thought I was playing. “So I said ‘yo man I ain’t playing‘, and I chased him around the locker room. I was butt naked, he was just getting out the shower but I wanted bro to know you don’t talk. I was going to knock his mother f**king head off. So I get ready to grab him and UD (Udonis Haslem) was like ‘Shaq, I ain’t gonna let y’all fight naked and I ain’t gonna be trying to break two naked guys up. Ya’ll understand?’ And I was like ‘oh s**t I am naked.’ I wanted to kill his a**.”

Shaq would have definitely been one of the biggest personalities to play with in the league and his four-year stint with Miami was clearly no exception.

The 15-time All-Star won a championship alongside Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade with the Heat in 2006.

The Heat were the second franchise to retire Shaq’s number jersey ten years after he won a championship there in 2016.

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