Isiah Thomas Believes Kevin Durant Saved Warriors’ Legacy

Thomas Durant

Isiah Thomas has a firm opinion about the Warriors’ legacy and how it wouldn’t have been the same without Kevin Durant.

The Pistons legend appeared on Warriors forward Draymond Green’s podcast and shared his views, but was a little worried he might offend.

“I hope this doesn’t upset you,” Thomas said on The Draymond Green Show. “Before Kevin Durant arrived in Golden State, y’all were on the verge of being remembered as the team that went 73–9 and lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals. You were up 3–1 and [it] probably [was] one of the biggest collapses in NBA history.

“Kevin Durant comes that summer and really saves y’all basketball legacy. You win two championships after that. The Golden State Warriors’ dynasty that you’re going to go into the Hall of Fame on and everything else—it is cemented because if Durant don’t come that summer and you guys are remembered as the 73–9 team, all of your legacies are different.”

Green’s responded to Thomas’ statement with, “That didn’t hurt me at all”.

Durant spent three seasons with the Warriors and helped the franchise to championships in 2017 and 2018 and the NBA Finals in 2019.

It is definitely true that Kevin Durant on Golden State created one of the scariest super teams of the modern era.

Since leaving The Bay Area, Durant has been unable to secure a championship with any other team since he left.

The Warriors have added to their ring collection since KD departed, since they won the NBA Championship as underdogs in 2022.

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Curry won his first ever NBA Finals MVP that series, showing critics that he is able to achieve without KD by his side.

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