Isiah Thomas Demands Public Apology from Michael Jordan

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Isiah Thomas wants a public apology from Michael Jordan for his words about him during The Last Dance documentary that aired in 2020.

The two superstars definitely had their battles on the court, since Thomas was part of the Bad Boy Pistons and MJ played for the Bulls.

The 1985 All-Star Game was an alleged sticking point between the two players and could have marked the start of some animosity.

Some think that Thomas plotted to ‘freeze out’ the then rookie starter Michael Jordan, who ended the night with just seven points.

But 2020 is when things got really heated between the two as MJ called out Thomas on his doco, seen by millions.

Isiah recently appeared on The Draymond Green Show and the Green asked Thomas straight up if his relationship with Michael is at all salvageable.

He also revealed that he didn’t realize MJ had such an issue with him until the doco aired.

“This dude got on national television, international television, and called me an a**hole,” Thomas told Draymond. “You can’t apologize and have a private dinner when you done embarrassed me publicly. If you didn’t mean it, say it publicly. Now if you meant it, let it stand. I’m good with that.

“All these years you’ve been standing behind a tree throwing stones.”

There are many people still waiting on an apology from the Great Michael Jordan.

But none of them have received one yet, so Thomas may be holding his breath for quite some time.

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