Draymond Green Reveals Savage Call He Made To Kevin Durant

Draymond Green

Draymond Green has beefed with Kevin Durant a whole lot over the years, with their most famous incident moment being when Draymond cussed out Durant in the middle of a game during their time as teammates on the Warriors.

But now, Green has revealed a savage comment he made to Durant after Golden State beat the Boston Celtics to win the 2022 championship. He explained what went down during an appearance on Jeff Teague’s podcast, Club 520.


“2022 wasn’t really a championship team, like the championship teams I’ve been on,” Green said. “It wasn’t really a championship team, and I’ll tell you after every series me and Steph would be walking to do an interview after we won a series, and we’re walking and laugh, and we laughing like ‘Yo, how are we winning like these series right now? Like this is funny.’

“That’s also when Steph took that next step like I’m really one of them GOATS and he carried us, but that was the toughest one, we weren’t favored, everybody was calling us too small, Boston they too athletic they too big, we didn’t stand a chance, and we went and made it happen, so that one was my favorite one and I also told KD I’m going to win when you leave here and I did that. So that one was the most fulfilling.”

The fact Green said that to Durant at the time, and is also rubbing it again now, is just classic Draymond behaviour.

Green’s comments came less than two weeks after he talked all kinds of smack to Durant when the Warriors narrowly beat the Suns 113-112 on February 10.

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