Pat Bev Explains How He and Damian Lillard Quashed Their Beef

Bev Lillard Beef Quashed

Patrick Beverley and Damian Lillard had a mid-game blowup last season and now they’re teammates, Pat Bev has revealed how the pair buried the hatchet.

Dame and Pat had a heated exchange last January, but as soon as Beverley was traded to Milwaukee before the February deadline, he knew that he needed to make things right with Lillard.

Two games in, the pair decided to settle their beef, as Beverley explained.

“I’ve never had a player in my, history of my career that I ever beef with, has smoke with, defended well, said he wanted to whoop my ass…Dame was the first,” Beverley said on The Pat Bev Pod.

“To walk into a locker room with him and be on a mission to do something I’ve never done before, he’s never done before – win an NBA championship.

“We go to Bobby Portis’ birthday party. Dame goes, ‘What’s up Pat?’ … I’m like, ‘What’s up Dame? He said, ‘We need to sit down and talk.’ I’m like, ‘F*ck talking. Let’s go out to dinner. He go, ‘I like that’.

“…And mind you, he sees me now as a player, co-worker…like damn they showing him a lot of love in this b*tch…he get a lot of respect in this b*tch..He sees me in a light he’s never seen me in before.”

Pat Bev went on to explain how he’s been giving Dame advice on when to shoot and Lillard’s response to some of it has been,”I’ve never thought about it like that”.

There is clearly a newfound respect between the pair, that could go a long way in the Bucks’ quest to win another championship as soon as possible.

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